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​Dr Brett Molony

Dr Brett Molony was a tenured Lecturer in Marine Biology and Ecology at James Cook University, North Queensland, from 1993 until 1998.

By the time he left this position, he had amassed 13 years of research experience in a range of areas including ecology of tropical estuarine and reef systems, age and growth of estuarine and reef fishes, fish and fishery biology, ecosystem linkages and functions, tropical ambassids, lutjanids and serranids, chemical composition analyses of tropical estuarine and reef fishes, energy storage and mobilisation in tropical estuarine and reef fishes, and multivariate statistics.

Dr Molony took up a position as Fisheries Research Scientist at Fisheries in 1999, remaining until 2004.

During this period his work included the assessment and monitoring of freshwater fisheries in the South West, the assessment of fish resources in salt fields of the Pilbara, stock enhancement, mitigation of the impacts on dam draining and maintenance on fishery values and biodiversity, and artificial habitats and fisheries.

He became Tuna Stock Assessment Scientist at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, New Caledonia, in 2004 until his return to WA in 2008.

This position involved stock assessment and modelling experience on tropical tunas, pelagic bycatch and risk-based ecosystem approaches, to provide scientific advice to managers of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission and fishery managers of Pacific Island States and Territories. It also included three years of training fishery staff from Pacific Island States and Territories in stock assessments and interpretation.  




​Dr Brett Molony PhD Grad Cert Tert Ed
Supervising Research Scientist, Finfish
T: (08) 9203 0214, 0434 187 122


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