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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries

Visitor information

​For detailed information on visiting the Abrolhos Islands, see the Abrolhos Islands Information Guide

Boat visitors

For public safety and the management of environmental values of the Abrolhos, it is a regulatory requirement that the Master of a boat must not travel to the Abrolhos Fish Habitat Protection Area at any time unless the Department is notified.

A notification can be made by completing the Departments's online notification form. A paper based copy of this form is available from the Department’s Geraldton office (08) 9920 8499.

If you are boating at the Abrolhos, we highly recommend you take the latest nautical charts of Abrolhos waters with you.

Public moorings

Public moorings are located within each of the island groups. For more information, visit mooring locations. There is no reservation system for public moorings – please do not rely on moorings being available. 

Pest prevention 

The marine pest Didemnum perlucidum has been found at the Abrolhos. This pest has the potential to cause serious impacts to aquaculture facilities and marine environments. Attempts are being made to protect the Abrolhos from this pest.

Vessel skippers carrying this species into Abrolhos waters could be in breach of Regulation 176, Fish Resources Management Regulations 1995 and are urged to ensure their vessels are clean before they leave for this location. Please make sure that you:

  • follow the advice on the marine pest alert to ensure your vessel is clean and prevent the spread of this pest; and
  • report dirty vessels and any sightings of this pest at the Abrolhos to FishWatch on 1800 815 507.

Health and emergency services

Health and emergency services at the Abrolhos Islands during the peak season are provided by Silver Chain, with support from the local community.

For more information on accessing these services, or to give a donation to support them, please visit the Silver Chain website 

Camps and Body Corporate land

The people who live at the Abrolhos are a community of fishers and aquaculture farmers.  Their houses, jetties and associated infrastructure are private property. 

As with any private property, you must not trespass on this Body Corporate land. For permission to access the Body Corporate land contact the Department’s Geraldton office on (08) 9920 8400.


The only public jetty is at East Wallabi Island, and this may only be used to embark or disembark passengers from the East Wallabi airstrip.

All other jetties are private property. Visitors require the written permission of the jetty owner to utilise a jetty.

Dive trails

If you’re diving at the Abrolhos, check out the dive trails:

  • Long Island Dive Trail
  • Beacon Island Dive Trail
  • Turtle Bay Dive Trail
  • Anemone Lump Dive Trail
  • Coral Patches Dive Trail
  • Morley Island Dive Trail
  • Rootail Coral Dive Trail

There are public moorings adjacent to most dive trails.

See the Abrolhos Islands Information Guide for information and maps of the dive trails.

Charter boats

To operate a charter boat at the Abrolhos, you must hold a West Coast Fishing Tour Operator’s Licence or an Aquatic Eco-tourism Operator’s Licence for the West Coast region.

If you would like to charter a boat to the Abrolhos, there are a number of operators departing from Geraldton, the closest town to the Abrolhos.   

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