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Dr Julieta Muñoz

Dr Julieta MuñozDr Julieta Muñoz is a marine biologist with experience in a broad range of marine research projects such as the implementation of seaweed farming in the Mexican Caribbean, laboratory culture and use of bioreactors for the propagation of algae in aquaculture, and identification of potential algae for marine biotechnology applications.

She has also conducted research to aid understanding the environmental impacts of introduced seaweed farming (Kappaphycus alvarezii) in the coastal waters of India.

Dr Muñoz has completed a PhD degree on ecology of marine seaweeds from Western Australia and has collaborated with research involving the use of seaweeds in aquaculture and bioremediation.

In 2011, Dr Muñoz joined the marine biosecurity research and monitoring team at Fisheries where she has led research on the introduced ascidian Didemnum perlucidum in WA. She has conducted field surveys and developed laboratory procedures for sample processing, storing and identification of marine pests to obtain accreditation as a recognised laboratory in marine biosecurity.

She is also responsible for coordinating Fisheries biosecurity sample processing, including maintenance, administration roles, liaison with stakeholders for identification and confirmation of introduced marine pests, and assisting senior scientists with data analysis and writing reports.

Dr Julieta Muñoz PhD MSc BSc
Research Scientist, Biodiversity and Biosecurity
T: (08) 9203 0246


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