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A glass-off in Geographe Bay makes for magic fishing on twlight, but make sure you are aware of the rules that now apply in some zoned areas of the Gnari Capes Marine Park.

Thursday 16 May 2019

Know your fishing zones in the Ngari Capes Marine Park

We are asking recreational and commercial fishers to familiarise themselves with new fishing rules that are now in effect in a number of zoned areas of the south west’s Ngari Capes Marine Park.

The Marine Park stretches from north of Busselton to Flinders Bay near Augusta with the purpose of protecting the unique habitats, ecosystems and the wide range of marine wildlife in the Capes region.

Recreational fishing rules remain unchanged in the majority of the Marine Park, however, there are a number of rules of which recreational fishers need to be aware.

Some of the key rules include:

  • Sanctuary zones are ‘no-take’ areas where all fishing and shell collection is prohibited.
  • The use of rock lobster and octopus traps or pots is prohibited in special purpose surfing zones.
  • Fishing from a boat, spearfishing and use of octopus traps or pots is prohibited in special purpose shore-based activity zones.

Recreational fishers are asked to take care when using spearguns and other pointed instruments at popular swimming beaches.

If you’re going fishing in the Ngari Capes Marine Park, please help ensure its protection by familiarising yourself with these new zones and fishing rules.

More information about what activities are permitted in the marine park and where, can be found on our Ngari Capes Marine Park page.

Fishers are also encouraged to download Recfishwest’s recreational fishing app or the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attraction’s ‘Marine Parks WA’ app.

Both of these apps provide GPS responsive maps which give you at-location information about what rules apply where you are within the Marine Park.

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