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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries
Wednesday 2 June 2021

Operation Pendle casts a wider net

​The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) and WA Police joined forces and resources last month in Operation Pendle in the waters and beaches off Esperance.

The joint operation provided a wider reach using shared equipment and resources including a major size patrol vessel, aerial surveillance and all-terrain vehicles.
DPIRD Patrol Vessel Houtman was used to support the sea-going part of the operation and enabled fisheries officers to board vessels at sea and conduct inspections of commercial and recreational fishers’ catch and equipment.
Quad bikes were used to patrol coastal areas providing access to remote, tucked away locations.

DPRID compliance officers on the PV Houtman off the South Coast

DPIRD's Director Regional Compliance South Russell Adams said as part of the joint operation, recreational and commercial fishers from Esperance to Cape Arid were inspected.
“This operation provided our officers the opportunity to inspect fishers at sea while they are actively fishing, and some fishers were surprised to see us,” Mr Adams said
“The Esperance Commercial Fishing fleet is involved in a wide range of fishing activities, managed under legislation to ensure the sustainability of our fisheries, and regular compliance checks have an important role to play.
“Having access to large sea-going assets and combining resources with partner agencies gives us more scope to manage our fisheries for the future.
“Our fisheries are well managed, and latest figures from the annual State of the Fisheries report show that 98 per cent of our fish stocks are assessed as not being at risk or vulnerable through fishing exploitation.”
Mr Adams said it was pleasing to see that during the operation the majority of fishers inspected were fishing responsibly and within the rules.
Anyone suspecting illegal fishing activity is encouraged to call Fishwatch on 1800 815 507.  Further information on commercial fishing can be found at

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