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A collection of three different seized illegal recreational fish traps

A collection of seized illegal recreational fish traps

Tuesday 27 June 2017

Don’t get caught in a trap

The use of fish traps is widely banned in WA, due to the potential impacts on aquatic life.

Illegal recreational fish traps can be indiscriminate – catching fish, crabs and other animals of all sizes. Animals particularly at risk are those who need to return to the surface to breathe, including mammals, reptiles and birds, as they are unable to escape the traps and quickly drown.

Traps can also pose an ongoing threat to our native wildlife if lost or abandoned, as they will continue to trap animals that have no chance of escape.

For these reasons, the use of recreational fish traps is not allowed in WA, except in certain waters on private property or the use of modified ‘opera house’ traps to target feral Queensland redclaw in Lake Kununurra.

Some retail and fishing tackle stores carry fishing gear that fails to meet WA legal requirements. Just because traps are sold doesn’t mean you can use them, so check with one of our offices before you make any purchase.

Tourists travelling from other states who are carrying fishing traps need to keep them fastened securely in or on their vehicles while they are in WA.

For more information see our recreational fishing rules.​

Anyone who has information on illegal fishing activities is asked to call FishWatch on 1800 815 507.

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