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Molluscs and other invertebrates

The bag and size limit table below is effective from 1 February 2013, as part of the new Statewide Recreational fishing guide. If fishing from a boat ensure you are familiar with the Recreational Fishing From Boat licence rules.

Bag and size limits

legal size​
bag limit​
 boat limit​
Roe's abalone illustration
Abalone, Roe’s
Haliotis spp.​

(See our Recreational Fishing for Abalone Guide for more details)​
60 mm​

West Coast Zone:15

Southern Zone:20

Greenlip abalone illustration
Abalone, greenlip Haliotis laevigata (pictured)/brownlip
Haliotis conicopora (combined)
(See our Recreational Fishing for Abalone Guide for more details)​
140 mm​ 5
pipis illustration
Ark shells, cockles and pipis (pictured)
Families Arcidae, Cardiidae and Donacidae ​
 N/A 2 litres​ N/A​
Giant Clam illustration
Tridacna spp.
N/A​ 2​ N/A​
Mussel illustration
Family Mytilidae​
N/A​ 9 litres (shell on)​ N/A​
Oyster illustration
Family Ostreidae  N/A  20 N/A
Recreational harvesting of pearl oysters (Pinctada maxima) is prohibited​

(Pictured: Native oyster)

N/A​ 20​ N/A​
Razor shell illustration
Family Pinnidae​
N/A​ 20​ N/A
Scallops illustration
Family Pectinidae​
N/A​ 20​ N/A​
Sea urchins illustration
Sea urchins
Class Echinoidea​
N/A​ 20​ N/A
Specimen shell illustration
Specimen shell (cowries, volutes, conch)
Families Cypraeidae, Volutidae and Strombidae​
N/A​ 10​ N/A​
Squid illustration
Squid, cuttlefish and octopus (combined)
Family Cephalopoda​
N/A​ 15​ 30​
Bloodworms illustration Bloodworms (bait)​ N/A​ 1 litre​ N/A​
Mud whelk illustration

Other molluscs and invertebrate species not specifically mentioned (combined)

(Pictured: Mud whelk)​

65 mm​
10​ N/A
​​Tables detailing limits for each catetgory can also be accessed through the links below:
  • Molluscs and other invertebrates​

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