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Freshwater finfish

Freshwater species can be found in the mid to upper non-saline reaches of rivers and in freshwater lakes and dams.​

The bag and size limit table below is effective from 1 February 2013, as part of the new Statewide Recreational fishing guide. If fishing from a boat ensure you are familiar with the Recreational Fishing From Boat licence rules.

Bag and size limits

​TOTAL mixed species daily bag limit per fisher 4​

Total mixed species daily bag limit:

This is the combined number of freshwater finfish you can take.

​ Species​ Minimum legal size​
Rainbow trout illustrationBrown trout illustration
Trout, rainbow (pictured top),
brown (pictured bottom)
Oncorhynchus mykiss and Salmo trutta

Discover more about how bag limits apply to a group of species

(see our Recreational Freshwater Angling Guide for more details)​
300 mm​
Freshwater cobbler illustration
Freshwater cobbler
Family Plotosidae
(see our Recreational Freshwater Angling Guide for more details)​
Grunter illustration
Grunter (all freshwater species)
Family Terapontidae

(Pictured: Sooty grunter)​

Discover more about how bag limits apply to a group of species

Sooty grunter
(Hephaestus fuliginosus):
250 mm​
​​Tables detailing limits for each catetgory can also be accessed through the links below:
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