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The bag and size limit table below is effective from 1 February 2013, as part of the new Statewide Recreational fishing guide. If fishing from a boat ensure you are familiar with the Recreational Fishing From Boat licence rules.

Bag and size limits

Note: Statewide possession limit of 24 rock lobster per person. 

​ Species​ Minimum
 legal size​
bag limit​
boat limit​
Cherabin illustration
Macrobrachium spp.​
N/A​ 9 litres​ N/A​
blue swimmer crab illustration
Crab, blue swimmer
Portunus pelagicus
127 mm
(carapace width)​ ​
20​ 40​
West Coast: 10 West Coast: 20​
mud crab illustration
Crab, mud (all species combined)
Scylla spp.

(Pictured: Brown mud crab)​

Green: 150 mm
Brown: 120 mm
(carapace width)​
5​ 10​
marron illustration
Cherax spp.
(See our Recreational Fishing for Marron Guide for more details)​
80 mm
(carapace length)
Trophy waters:
90 mm​
Trophy waters: 5​
Western king prawn illustration
Prawns, school and king (combined)
Family Penaeidae

(Pictured: Western king prawn)

Closed seasons apply

N/A​ 9 litres​ N/A
Redclaw illustration
Cherax quadricarinatus
N/A​ N/A​ N/A
Western rock lobster illustration
Rock lobster
Western rock lobster
(Panulirus cygnus)​

Tropical rock lobsters:

Ornate (Panulirus ornatus)

Painted (green) (Panulirus versicolor)​ ​

Southern rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii

(Pictured: Western rock lobster)

(See our Recreational Fishing for Rock Lobster Guide for more details)​

Western rock lobster:
76 mm

Tropical rock lobsters​:
76 mm​
(for both)

 rock lobster:
98.5 mm​




 (of which no more than 4 may be tropical rock lobsters)


At least three licensed fishers must be on board actively fishing to take the boat limit.​

Gilgie photo
Other crustacean species not specifically mentioned (combined)  

(Pictured: Gilgie)​​

N/A​​ 10​​ N/A​​
​​Tables detailing limits for each catetgory can also be accessed through the links below:
  • Crustaceans​

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