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Government of Western Australia - Department of Fisheries

Clarke's anemonefish - one of the sought-after fish species, licenced operators in the new fishery will be able to collect for the aquarium trade.

Thursday 1 November 2018

New WA fishery first to go fully digital

Licence-holders in WA’s new Marine Aquarium Fishery are able to fish from today.

The fishery is the first where online catch reporting is mandatory for its twelve licence-holders, who collect coral, live rock, clams and fish for the aquarium trade.

The Marine Aquarium Fishery management plan consolidates a range of fisheries under a single plan that simplify management under a single sustainable framework.

Collecting fish for the marine aquarium trade is a growing and valuable industry for WA and it’s estimated the fishery has the potential to generate up to $5 million income annually.

The resource potentially includes more than 950 species of marine aquarium fishes and operators are also permitted to take coral, live rock, algae, invertebrates and seagrass.

Operators will be required to report their catch through online reporting to the department, which also provides valuable data to Federal environment authorities who oversee the fishery’s export authority.

Quotas for key species along with 100% online catch reporting by licence-holders were the cornerstones for the fishery’s management.


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