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An undersized pink snapper laying on top of a fish ruler
Retaining undersized fish and exceeding bag limits has resulted in significant penalties for two fishers. Pink snapper have a minimum size limit of 500mm for Shark Bay's inner gulfs.
Friday 5 October 2018

Big fines for bag and size limit breaches

​A number of recent court appearances are serving as a timely reminder for fishers to stick to bag and size limits, with two fishers being issued fines of $15,087 and $2,965.85 for exceeding bag limits and taking undersized fish.

Size limit rules are designed to allow fish to reach maturity and to complete their breeding cycle, ensuring there are fish for the future.

In the first case, a Geraldton court issued more than $15,000 in fines and costs to the owner and master of a vessel on which he and three other fishers had captured 23 demersal finfish – 15 more than the boat limit. The skipper also had his recreational fishing boat licence suspended.

The 15 excess finfish had been filleted and packed in plastic bags found in a compartment covered by a cushion in the vessel’s cabin. As well as having more fish than allowed, eight of the landed fillets were from six undersize baldchin gropers and two undersize pink snapper.

Also this week a Shark Bay court issued fines and costs of $2,965.85 to a fisher for having five undersize pink snapper. The fisher was also above the bag limit of two.

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